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Hon. Stephen Robertson is Ethical Consulting Services'
principal advisor and government strategist.

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Government Relations

Stephen Robertson has extensive and deep experience in government. Stephen served as a member of the Queensland Parliament from 1992 to 2012. Ministerial service in a range of challenging portfolios between 1999 and 2012 gave Stephen a breadth and depth of knowledge across the whole of Government.

For two terms he was on Cabinet's Budget Review Committee, and across 13 years served at different times as Minister for Health, Natural Resources, Mines, Energy, Water, Trade and Emergency Services.

Prior to that, he served as Parliamentary Secretary for State Development, chaired the Queensland Small Business Council, and was a member of the Queensland Innovation Council and the Queensland Food Industry Council.

As a member of numerous national Australian Ministerial Councils, Stephen's understanding of the machinery, systems, and processes of Australia's Federal and State governance is extensive, and has proven invaluable in his work as an advisor to the corporate and not-for-profit sectors alike.

Stephen provides valuable insights into ensuring your government engagement and lobbying program is effective, but does no lobbying.

Lobbying, Industrial Relations & Reform

Before entering Parliament, Stephen held senior positions in the industrial relations sector, working for a number of organisations including as State Secretary, and National President of the United Firefighters Union.

His background in advocating and negotiating for fair workplaces gave Stephen the drive and foresight he needed to achieve reforms in his many roles in Government.

While Minister for Health, Stephen activated significant healthcare reform through a $10 billion Health Action Plan which has since funded construction of the new Queensland Children's Hospital and the Gold Coast University Hospital.

His work in the Natural Resources, Mines and Energy, and Trade portfolios built his expertise in sustainable resource management, and his work with Queensland's Energy and Water Utilities delivered wide reaching reforms in water and energy pricing policies, corporate governance, and clean energy.

Qualifications & Experience

Stephen is currently an appointed member of the West Moreton Hospital and Health Board, the Chair of Healthy Land & Water – SEQ’s principal regional natural resources management body, and Chair of NRM Regions Queensland. He is formerly an Advisory Councillor to Greening Australia (Qld); a non-Executive Director of Healthy Waterways; a Director of the West Moreton Oxley Medicare Local and the Johnny Warren Football Foundation.

Stephen is currently studying for his Masters in International Relations, and has a Bachelor of Arts from Griffith University, graduating with honours from the School of Modern Asian Studies.

He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Contact: Stephen.Robertson@ethicalconsulting.com or +61 7 3229 2222

Mike Smith is Ethical Consulting Services'
founder and principal consultant.

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Government Relations

Every lobbying project is a strategy-driven campaign of branding, marketing and communications - and Mike has led those projects for the last ten years, helping clients - large and small - from

  • the resource sector,
  • information technology,
  • property development,
  • professional associations,
  • the service sector,
  • and many others,
see their projects, bids and policy proposals adopted by Governments.

His understanding of the processes of Australian governments, and how to work with them, is substantial.


A trained trainer since 1991, Mike has developed and delivered short, customised training courses for commercial clients, in community-based organisations, to university students, and to professional conferences.

He has recently worked as a University Lecturer and Course Coordinator here on policy-making, and has also lectured on lobbying, elections and campaigning, to Masters students.

Mike's short-course development and teaching have included

  • government relations,
  • politics,
  • the processes of government,
  • governance and meeting management,
  • writing Ministerial correspondence,
  • campaigning,
  • strategy,
  • crisis management,
  • policy-making,
  • communications,
  • and more.

When working in each of his union and Labor Party roles, Mike developed and implemented almost all internal training.


To keep on top of the best in campaigns, he's buried himself deep inside the last three US Presidential campaigns, and most years learns more at the United States' premiere election campaigning conference in Washington DC. He's also lectured at that conference, in

  • crisis management
  • campaign management and
  • campaign strategy development.

In addition, Mike directs, manages or mentors local election campaigns at all levels.

He was the first full time State Secretary (equivalent to Chief Executive) of the Northern Territory Branch of the Australian Labor Party - establishing all of their systems from scratch, and directing election campaigns.

Qualifications & Experience

Mike is a Director of Stormwater Industry Australia Ltd, and non-Executive Director on the Committees of Management of several Non-Government Organisations. He's previously been a member of other Industry Association Boards, a Company Secretary, and Charles Darwin University Council member (then called NT University).

His professional memberships are here.

Mike has previously worked as a Ministerial advisor, and a negotiator/tribunal advocate and organiser for a large Australian union. He has a Grad Cert in Management that he aspires to turn into an MBA.

Contact: Mike.Smith@ethicalconsulting.com or +61 7 3229 2222

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