How will we work with you?


Professionally and of course, ethically!

We'll make sure -

Activate: We always prefer to start a project with a substantive, structured and detailed workshop with you and your team, to ensure we're completely across the environment and what you need done.

Individualise: We will never use a template strategy. Our best-practice systems ensure you get what you need, not a cut and paste of our last report. Our extensive experience means we know how to get it right, and customise to your needs.

Diligent Research: We will not give you advice until we've done the necessary research. Instant solutions without due diligence are terribly wrong; it's a mistake to offer one, or to take one up if it is offered.

Protect Your Good Name: We will protect and advance the good name of your business. We won't do anything that is, or might be seen as, improper, or threatening or corrupt; nor will we break any laws.

Protect Everybody Else's Good Name: We will respect the spirit and the letter of the codes of ethics/conduct of others (e.g. public servants and other professionals) with whom we deal.

Tell You About Conflicts: We will tell you about any potential or real conflict of interest.

The Truth, the Whole Truth, Nothing but the Truth: We'll tell you the truth - all of it, and with nothing added - even if you don't want to hear it. And we won't mislead project stakeholders either.

No Inflated Promises: In particular, we'll tell you the truth about what we can deliver - if you want something we can't handle, we'll refer you to someone who can do it, or with your approval, bring them into the team.

Confidentiality: We'll keep your secrets, and we're sure you will respect our intellectual property.

Civility: We'll always do our utmost to treat everyone with civility.

Stay Smart: We'll keep our skills and knowledge up to the standards needed to deliver on all of these promises, and deliver on your needs.

We respect and apply the spirit and the letter, of the codes of conduct of

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